WED 2ND SEPT, 2020

10:00 AM CET

State of the Industry: How OTT is Reshaping Pay TV

OTT technology has fundamentally changed consumer habits, forcing pay TV operators to adapt. In their keynote, Dataxis will show how this trend is playing out in different regions globally with respect to common platforms, content aggregation, and subscriber expectations. Learn how pay TV operators are transforming their businesses to successfully navigate OTT.

Speaker: Quentin Stallivieri. Research Analyst, Dataxis

Quentin Stallivieri is in charge of Dataxis’ research for Central and Eastern Europe, including the German-speaking area, the Balkans, and Central Europe. As such, he contributes to market research dedicated to media and telecom industries in the region and hosts webinars focused on European TV and OTT market trends.

11:00 AM CET

Round Table: OTT and Pay TV: Arranging the Perfect Marriage

Omdia Executive Director Maria Rua Aguete will lead a panel of leading pay TV participants in a discussion on how OTT technology is continuing to disrupt the industry and the strategies that operators are adopting to remain competitive as the landscape evolves.

Speaker: Maria Rua Aguete. Executive Director, Media and Service Providers & Platforms; Technology Fellow, OmdiaMaria

Rua Aguete leads the strategic development of the media team and manages its day-to-day operations, tracking the continuing evolution of global service providers and operators. Maria first created the team while at Screen Digest, which became part of Omdia.

The team’s research on service providers is deep and extensive, leveraging long-standing relationships with operators in all of the 70+ markets covered by the group, resulting in the most comprehensive source of television and operator market intelligence in the world.

Maria is also a regular contributor to various reports, including the European Cable Yearbook, and she has led or has been a significant contributor to many consulting projects for high-profile media and technology companies, including the market-launch and purchase plans of an emerging television group, a Latin America DTT platform for a major channel group, and a satellite pay-tv provider for a private equity group.

She has also performed commercial due diligence on a cable TV components business for a major international bank; a competitive review and strategic analysis for a major international channel operator; a comprehensive review of investment opportunities in the European cable market for a venture capital group; and a market report and due diligence on a localization services (dubbing/subtitling) company for an investment bank.

13:00 PM CET

Webinar: Deploying a Modern Pay TV Experience in the Age of OTT

By combining linear, on-demand, apps and games into a main screen user experience, operators are in a unique position to offer a single portal for entertainment in the home. Learn how Vewd OpX assists operators with this opportunity, easing discovery and consumption across broadcast and OTT in a personalized TV UX that maximizes revenue and increases customer satisfaction.

Speaker: Marco Frattolin. Head of Operator Products, Vewd

Marco Frattolin leads the development of all Vewd’s pay TV operator products as well as being responsible for new Vewd initiatives for the industry. Marco has 18+ years in TV technology working at Zenterio, ADB, Pirelli Broadband and Telsey.