14:00 PM CET

State of the Industry: To D2C or Not to D2C

Studios going direct-to-consumer has created a seismic shift that impacts the entire content ecosystem. Join Ampere Analysis for this presentation covering an industry seeing rapid change everywhere: from content production and partnerships to globalization and aggregation. Learn about the strategic decisions that content owners face for success now and in the future.

Speaker: Lottie Towler. Senior Analyst, Ampere Analysis

Lottie runs the Analytics product, responsible for Ampere’s Video-on-Demand content tracking across nearly 50 countries globally. An expert in the global content market, she is responsible for the day-to-day upkeep of content tracking within Ampere and its analytical output. She also previously led the build-out of Ampere’s Channels service, tracking trends and availability for content and TV channels in the broadcast TV space. She has led many consults in the content space, particularly those relating to VoD content strategy and content production trends, and is critically involved in all research Ampere undertakes in the area. Lottie graduated from the University of Bristol with a degree in Biochemistry.

15:00 PM CET

Round Table: The Impact and Challenges of Content Globalization

The market for content is undergoing a considerable evolution – driven by the growth of VOD – impacting how content is created, sold and packaged. Content producers are looking to become direct-to-consumer services, technology firms are looking to aggregate video services, and content producers and distributors are increasingly creating content for a global audience. Join what is sure to be a lively discussion.

Speaker: Ed Border. Research Director, Ampere Analysis

Ed has a decade of experience in the media industry and leads Ampere’s data science and content analytics teams. At Ampere, Ed has been instrumental in the development of our content tracking solution, allowing film and TV title-level availability and pricing analysis across a huge range of online video platforms, and leading custom research into content production and distribution strategies. In the past few years Ed has also run dozens of large projects across the Consumer Electronics industry for equipment and software providers, focusing on strategic studies, consumer purchasing rationales and implementing big data solutions. Ed graduated with a 1st class degree and masters in Mathematics from the University of Oxford.

Other panelists: Kirby Grines. Founder, 43Twenty

Kirby Grines is the Founder and CEO of OTT growth agency, 43Twenty. He serves as an advisor to Zemoga, a digital services firm specializing in design, tech, and engineering for the media and entertainment industry in addition to publishing “The Streaming Wars,” which is a free, weekly newsletter that curates the latest developments in the OTT video industry. Previously, Kirby was a co-founder of Float Left, where he designed and built some of the first apps on Connected TV.

17:00 PM CET

Webinar: Leveraging Technology for Global Content Distribution

With the costs of content acquisition and production increasing, the key for content owners is distribution at scale. A key platform for that scale is the Smart TV given that over 80% of TVs shipped today are in fact Smart. Learn how Vewd accelerates global distribution by solving the issues associated with platform fragmentation, content rights, global standards, metadata integration and app creation and rendering to maximize content reach and revenue.

Speaker: Kevan Qureshi. Senior Product Manager, Vewd

Kevan is Senior Product Manager at Vewd and is responsible for the company’s content products, partnerships, and services, including Vewd’s content catalog and certification programs. Kevan joined Vewd when it was Opera Software. There, for six years, he served as Product Manager, Connected TV, and Devices and was responsible for the App Store and Snap products.

Kevan holds a Master’s in Informatics and Computer Programming from the University of Oslo.

Speaker: Michael Winneker. Vice President, Content Partnerships

Michael Winneker is Vice President, Content Partnerships at Vewd, where he oversees content provider relationships. Prior to Vewd, Michael spent 3 years as the Director of Content Distribution at Veria Living. During his years there, he was listed as one of the Multichannel News 40 Under 40 in 2013, for his innovative and influential work in the cable and telecommunications industry. Michael graduated from Temple University – Fox School of Business and Management with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing.