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About I Am Denim

Imagine a world without judgement where feeling confident about yourself is natural. No questioning your size, shape, scars or surgery. At I Am Denim we want to bring you that confidence with our specially designed innovative jeans. Giving you the best in comfort we want you to love yourself as you are… No judgement. Just jeans.


Fantastic jeans for both fit and style. I have struggled to find a pair of jeans to fit comfortably over my ileostomy bag these are far better than any maternity jeans that I have tried. I can wear normal underwear with these jeans due to the second skin around the jeans my bag fits comfortably underneath the skin without it blowing up.

The jeans are very high quality, the denim washes up brilliantly and the style is very fashionable. The jeans themselves feel very comfortable in both look and on. I highly recommend them for both new ostomates who have recently had surgery or those who are looking to find jeans with both comfort and style. A fabulous product.

Rating : 5

I am very impressed! First of all by the vision of this company and what it sets out to achieve; that which aligns with my own values surrounding post-surgery body image, and that which has such a large capacity to do so much good to so many in need.

But what about the jeans? Even though i'm sure there is a bit more here to wear in, the fit and cut are still excellent. I'm in love with the colour... the dark side of smart... suits me right down to the ground! Everything here is well designed and the stitch detailing is stylishly modern and sleek. The jeans feel super durable, and they look great.

The supporting aspect comes from a band of lycra that will surround the waist of the wearer, start-ing from around an inch below the belt, where it is attached to the jeans on the inside all the way around except for an area behind the crotch and flies (genius). This band extends upwards to wherever you would want it to sit. There is a pocket on the inside for ostomates and smugglers alike.

Depending on your personal needs and size this could be just what you are looking for in terms of discretion and support.

Rating : 5
The flexibility and magic of our Super Stretch jeans
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