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One of the UK’s leading show-finishers. We aim to give our clients a clear competitive advantage at trade fairs and exhibitions by showcasing their products’ distinctive features, new innovations or key strengths.

Engineering Focus

We bring the ‘wow factor’ to engineering, turning industrial products into art forms through a blend of traditional craftsmanship, creative techniques and a relentless attention to detail. When scoping a project we consider the clients overall vision and values to get a full understanding of their requirements, in terms of functionality and finish.

Each product is stripped down to its component parts, which are catalogued and numbered. Each step of the process is photographed to ensure fast and efficient reassembly. Our meticulous approach to surface preparation, refinishing and final assembly ensures each project is transformed into a work of art. We take pride in providing innovative solutions that showcase products in increasingly unique and interesting ways. Cut-aways, moving parts, virtual reality and custom display mounts give our clients products the wow factor.

Other Product Focus Areas


Turning industrial products into art forms.


Why keep the special finishes for indoors?


Achieving a specific look on a tight budget. 


Applying a high quality finishes will elevate your installation.


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