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About EF Engineering

We lead the UK with our distinctive product range of specialised finishing techniques.

As well as traditional work for exhibitions and events we are able to think differently to help our clients products stand out from the crowd. We believe the aesthetics of products can be greatly enhanced through the innovative use of colour or a unique finish. We pride ourselves on developing strong relationships with clients, built on a trusted knowledge that we can offer solutions and meet their programme deadlines. It is our aim to bring to life the projects we work on through the pursuit of perfection, constant innovation, a meticulous approach to creating the best finishes, outstanding customer service and a passion to be the best.


We can Restore a product to its former glory, breathing new life into damaged/tired products or surfaces – heritage pieces etc.

We bring to life a product to Reveal the technical innovation to gain a competitive advantage by cutaways, moving parts, VR/AR, projected light or show-finishing.

We can Repurpose an existing product, transforming it into a new or different form or use, changing it from its original function (images: mannequin tables, oil drums & jag engines).

We can Recreate a product that is currently unavailable or is a concept by CNC, modelling, 3D printing etc.

We can Re-imagine the look or feel of a product or surface to give it a unique finish.

When scoping a project we consider the clients overall vision and values to get a full understanding of their requirements, in terms of functionality and finish.

Prepare – to achieve the high quality finishes we are renowned for requires a meticulous approach to surface preparation, refinishing and final assembly which ensures each project is transformed into a work of art.

Model – Our designers can take the drawing and turn it into the real thing. Using techniques such as CNC, modelling and 3D printing we can create a product that doesn’t exist.

Build – Throughout the process we keep our clients informed on how their projects is going. Everything we work on is built at our workshop before being delivered to a client.

We offer an extensive range of finishes that include:

traditional paints (including colour matching)
clear coating
liquid metal coatings in polished, aged or patina finish
leather look or soft touch paints
chrome look
thermochromatic etc.

As part of the Exhibition Freighting group, EF Engineering offers an end-to-end global service from workshop to exhibition stand – to make sure your products reach their destination on time, every time. Specialised crates are built to ensure that each product can be shipped safely and securely.

We offer a fully-managed and secure storage facility enabling clients exhibits to be stored and shipped around the globe quickly and efficiently.

Our Personality

Our key personas…



We like to surprise our customers with products that are unique and unconventional. We take pride in delivering products with a twist.



We have a great eye for detail and a passion for quality. A perfect finish is our starting point.



We’re always looking for new techniques, new products and new ideas to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Watch Us

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The EF Engineering Team

John Knight

Focused | Driven | Creative

About John

With a career history in construction and energy projects, John is responsible for growing the business.

Scott McKevitt

Versatile | Passionate | Trustworthy

About Scott

After 12yrs as an armourer with the Armed Forces, Scott joined EF Engineering in 2017 as team leader with responsibility for project planning, management & delivery.

Julian Riddle

Putative | Considerate | Reliable

About Julian

Having worked in engine production and the print industry, Julian is one of the original EF Engineering team members where he works primarily with product preparation.

Paul Parkin

Adaptable | Conscientious | Cautious

About Paul

Paul has a background in automotive and marine paint spraying and is now EF Engineering’s leading paint finisher, ensuring all products are finished to the highest standard.

Richard Melville

Precise | Methodical | Thoughtful

About Richard

Having started his career in gear cutting and grinding, Richard joined the team to support with product preparation.

Josh Bevilacqua

Ambitious | Generous | Dedicated

About Josh

Starting as an apprentice paint sprayer, Josh is successfully developing the skills needed to further his NVQ qualifications.

Rob Softley

Co-operative | Eager | Enthusiastic

About Rob

Rob has been involved with the engine and automotive industries and joined the product and preparation team at the end of 2018 to be part of the product preparation team.


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